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Friedman Farms Wedding Planner

Contact information:
Linda @ 570-762-7950

Many brides and grooms hire a wedding planner to assist with their barn reception.  This almost duplicates the services that Friedman Farms already includes with your barn rental fee.  If you are hiring a wedding planner, why not consider Linda, who works for Friedman Farms.  After working at Friedman Farms for two years and being present at all the Friedman Farms weddings, Linda is in a unique position of being the most familiar with the barn layout, vendors, caterers, etc.  Here are the new Friedman Farms Wedding Planner packages:

Wedding Day Director

(this is included in your barn rental price)

  1. A telephone conference the week of your wedding to discuss your wedding day timeline, get the names of your vendors, and discuss any potential problems or concerns.
  2. Arrival at the Farm 1 1/2 hours prior to ceremony to turn on lights, coordinate with vendors, and assist with last minute preparations for your reception.
  3. Greet your guests as they arrive at the reception and direct them to the gust sign in, gift table, place cards, etc.
  4. Keep everyone on schedule throughout the event.
  5. Handle any emergencies that may arise
  6. Assist with wedding party introductions
  7. Maintain and supervise cleanliness of bathrooms and the facility throughout the event.
  8. Assist with end of evening transportation of guests.
  9. Calculate rental bill and collect payment at end of the evening.
  10. Assist bride and groom at the end of the evening.
  11. Close facility.

Wedding Week Director


  1. Includes all the services of the Wedding Day Director
  2. Director will contact you the Monday before the wedding and get contact information for all your vendors.
  3. Director will contact all your vendors, create a wedding day timeline, and provide a copy to all vendors.
  4. Director will be available for a daily phone call, text, or e-mail.
  5. Director will be available for a total for 4-6 hours of onsite service the week of your wedding to assist with anything you may need.
  6. Director will act as a liaison with other Friedman Farms staff.
  7. Director will review the reception timing, furniture arrangements, bar setup based on their Friedman Farms experience.
  8. Director will be available for rehearsal (up to 1 hr.)
  9. Director will attend your wedding ceremony if at the barn site or if ceremony is scheduled at least two hours before reception if ceremony is off site.

Full Wedding Planner


  1. All the services of Wedding Day Director
  2. All the services of Wedding Week Director
  3. Planner will meet with the bride and groom to set up a wedding budget.
  4. Planner will track and maintain a copy of the wedding budget.
  5. Planner will help bride and groom select and negotiate with vendors.
  6. Planner will help bride and groom select and negotiate with decorator.
  7. Planner will accompany you to meetings with the vendors if desired and/or possible.
  8. Planner will maintain a copy of all vendor proposals and contracts.
  9. Planner will assist with decoration ideas based on their experience at barn.  If interested in putting together an entire original theme wedding, we sub-contract Kathy Lantz for an additional cost. See below under additional services.
  10. Planner will assist with arranging seating tables, tents, buffet tables, bars, and high tops based on previous weddings at the barn.
  11. Planner will review all rental and transportation options.
  12. Planner will coordinate payment of vendors.  (The Wedding Planner fee is for her services only.  All vendor fees are the responsibility of the bride and groom)
  13. Planner will assist in booking of hotels if needed.
  14. A scheduled weekly telephone conference (as needed) to ensure planning is running smoothly.
  15. Planning and booking of rehearsal dinner.
  16. Creation of personalized wedding timeline.

Additional Services:

Custom Wedding Decor by Kathy Lantz